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I'm Bernd Oliver Buehler

Specialist for Business Protection and Business Enabling

Im Bühlfeld 1
D – 74417 Gschwend
20 years


Bernd Oliver BUEHLER is a German Businessman, Advisor and Contractor, an Executive Manager and a recognized Specialist in Business Protection and Business Development.

University Graduate
Graduated at Peter-Parler-School in Schwäbisch Gmünd, he has been educated in renowned French Academic Institutions. After studies in Economics and Management at Poitiers University he finally received a Master Degree in Competitive Intelligence from the French School of Economic Warfare in Paris.

Buehler has a longstanding experience and developed knowledge in the fields Governance, Risk & Compliance, Information and Physical Security. Especially he is an acknowledged expert in Compliance Investigations, Due Diligence Processes (M&A), Know Your Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering. He has a strong track rekord as „Trouble Shooter“ working as Intelligence Operative, Top Analyst, Strategic Advisor, Shadow Negotiator, Executive Protection Professional and Crisis Expert.

In 2005 he co-founded JANUS Consulting GmbH, a leading internationally operating German Private Intelligence and Security Advisory Firm with offices in Germany, Morocco and South Africa. The Company helps its customers to identify and neutralize potential threats. Our experts are well-versed in combating all forms of enterprise threats.

Since 2006 Buehler is a visiting lecturer at Paris ESLSCA Business School teaching Competitive and Financial Intelligence. Furthermore he has accomplished several lectureships in Europe and Africa.

Political Strategist
For more than 20 years, Buehler has advised politicians and government representatives of the European Union as well as several African and European countries on questions of economic, security and defense policy.

Executive Manager
In 2018 Buehler joined DAUTRUS Capital AG, a private investment advisory company operating in the European and Russian market, as Chief Compliance Officer. In 2019 he was appointed CEO of DAUTRUS and CEO of CADUCEUS Finance Capital Group S.A., Luxemburg.

Executive Management Assignments

Since 2019

CADUCEUS Finance Capital Group S.A. - Luxemburg

Président Directeur Général (PDG)
Since 2019

DAUTRUS Capital AG - Frankfurt

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Since 2018

DAUTRUS Capital AG - Frankfurt

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
Since 2016

Top 100 Company (Confidential)

Chief Security Advisor (CSA)
2015 - 2018

TRIDENS International GmbH - Stuttgart

Managing Director
2003 - 2004

ESLSCA Business School - Paris

Director International Communication

Honorary Activities

2006 - 2010

German Security Federation ASW - Berlin

Advisor to the President
2000 - 2001

School of Economic Warfare - Paris

ESLSCA Business School - Paris


Contact Me

  • Bernd Oliver Buehler
    Im Bühlfeld 1
    D-74417 Gschwend, Germany
  • E-MAIL: office(at)
  • PHONE: +49-7972-9128159




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